About Me

Hi my name is Emily!

  I love to read, hangout with friends, read, climb trees, read, figure skate, read, video tape anything and everything, read, play sports, and wait... did I say read?
  I am a published poet. Yep you read that right. Page 1,001 of Honolulu Stories. Right alongside Mark Twain and Jack London. Yep, you read that right too.
  I can't whistle. At all. Or snap my fingers. Or blow bubbles with bubble gum. I can climb a tree and run faster than most people I know, though. That counts for something, doesn't it?
  I want to be a film editor when I "grow up". You know, the person who watches movies like 600 times to make them just perfect. The person who decides from which view you will be watching Harry Potter cast a spell or Katniss shoot a arrow. You know, the person who you totally forget their names a split second after you see it because they weren't the leading actor....
  Well.. that's it. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!!!

I was only 7 years old here....

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