Sunday, April 8, 2012

Capri Sun Wallet: How-To

BEWARE: From this point on, you will save every Capri Sun Pouch you see.

After searching the internet for something to do with all the Capri Sun pouches I was saving, I stumbled upon this surprisingly quick and easy design of a Capri Sun wallet. They are so simple, I want to show you how I did it.

Step One:
-Collect your supplies: Paper towels, Scissors, 3 Capri Sun Pouches, Stick-On Velcro, and Packaging Tape

Step Two:
-Rinse out the pouches and dry them.

Step Three:
-Lay paper towel down over your work space, as some juice that you might not have rinsed out may seep out. Peel off the extra straw wrapper. Then tape over the straw hole and sticky part where the straw wrapper sticks on. Then, tape two pouches together overlapping slightly like this. 
Step Four:
-Turn the two pouches over and tape the third to them like this. Make sure you overlap, but only about an inch or so.

Step Five:
-Fold down the vertical pouch.

Step Six:
-Fold up the bottom of the pouch to make it even with the other pouches. Then tape it down.

 Step Seven:
-Take the right flap and fold it over the left. Then tape it down. Now you have pockets!

Step Eight:-Almost done! I suggest taping the top of the flap just to make sure you don't accidentally rip it. Then apply both of the stick-on Velcro pieces.
You're Done!
Enjoy your new Capri Sun Wallet!!!

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