Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Magic School Bus Episode


It's true!! So very true.
A few weeks or so ago, we were "silently" watching a Magic School Bus episode in science about space. First of all, there needs to be age restrictions on those things like with Legos, ages 4-10. Anyway I guess it's better than taking notes. So in this particular episode Arnold 's (the boy who never wants to go on the trips) cousin comes along. While they visit each planet, she collects "proof" that she has been on each. By the time the students reach Pluto, the bus cannot hold all of her "evidence". At the fact that she will have to leave it behind, Arnold's cousin throws a fit, and says she won't leave without her evidence. Arnold then tells her that if she stays that this will happen.... and he lifts off his space helmet.

Okay, this doesn't look fun, but seriously? Purple eyes? With lines through them?
So of course, we all started cracking up and we all got into trouble. 

Don't worry, Arnold was ok!!!

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