Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekends and Camp

I love the weekends. I love getting up (no matter what time) and just sitting there a reading in bed. For an hour.
Or 2. Ok fine, 2 and a half. I started the Gallagher Girls this morning and even though I'm only on Chapter 11, its REALLY good. Slightly predictable, but good.

I have also realized that I want to go to overnight summer camp. I found one that has a whole bunch of really cool activities like tubing, archery, swimming, and a climbing wall. There is also something called "the Blob". The Blob is well, epic. Just click on the link. Watch the video. You will instantly want to go 'Blobbing". I know I do.
Oh, and this isn't the camp I want to go to. Just letting you know, freaky stalker people.

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